Pleasant View Apple Orchard Indiana

Field Trips

We look forward to your visit to Pleasant View Orchard for your Field Trip.

A Field Trip to the orchard allows children to experience a country setting while learning about how apples grow.  Guided tours of the orchard arenít provided, but teachers are supplied with a map of the orchard to help with your experience.  The cost is $5.00 per child.  Each child will get a ľ peck bag to pick apples in, as well as a small cup of apple cider.  With larger groups, some teachers have found it easier to take the cider back to school.

We have a limited number of picnic tables available if you would like to bring along sack lunches to enjoy while visiting the orchard.  We do ask that you clean up after your group is finished using our facilities.

Restrooms are available for your use.  Handicapped facilities are also available.

Parents and chaperones are free unless they choose to pick apples.  Bags can be purchased for those who choose to pick apples.


We do require reservations for groups larger than 10.  We recommend scheduling early, as space fills up quickly.  It is best to schedule your field trip for late August, the month of September or early October.  Any later and it becomes difficult for small children to reach the apples.

The reservation form can be emailed or mailed to us.  You may also call to schedule your date at (317) 861-4025.

[ Make your Field Trip Reservations Online ]

[ Download the Field Trip Reservation Form ]


We ask that one teacher per class be in charge of collecting money and paying for the field trip.  We will give the bags and cider to the teacher for distribution to the children.  This will help keep things organized.

Other Helpful Information

Since we do not offer structured field trips, supervision of all children is very important for a safe and enjoyable trip to the orchard.

Bee stings are a rare occurrence, but can happen.  Please come prepared with medication if you have someone that is allergic.

Please do not allow anyone to climb in the trees.  Safety first!!!